Prime Minister’s participation in the BRICS-Africa Outreach and BRICS Plus Dialogue

August 24, 2023

Prime Minister Narendra Modi participated in the BRICS-Africa Outreach and BRICS Plus Dialogue, on 24 August, 2023 in Johannesburg.

The meeting saw participation from the guest countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America, along with the leaders of the BRICS countries.

During his intervention, Prime Minister called for the BRICS to be the voice of the Global South. He underlined India’s close partnership with Africa and reaffirmed India’s commitment to support Africa in its development journey under Agenda 2063.

Prime Minister called for further cooperation to strengthen multi-polar world and emphasised the need to reform the global institutions to keep them representative and relevant. He urged the leaders for cooperation in the domains of counter-terrorism, environment conservation, climate action, cybersecurity, food & health security and resilient supply chains. Prime Minister also extended invitation to countries to be a part of international initiatives such as International Solar Alliance, One Sun One World One Grid, Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure, One Earth One Health, Big Cat Alliance and Global Centre for Traditional Medicine. He also offered to share India’s Digital Public Infrastructure Stack.

August 24, 2023

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