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Legal and Treaties Division

Legal and Treaties Division of the Ministry of External Affairs was created in 1957 as a nodal point to deal with all aspects of International law advise to the Government of India. This Division is the sole source of legal advice for the Ministry of External Affairs. In addition, it also advises other Ministries/Departments of the Government of India on all matters concerning International law and conclusion and interpretation of treaties.

As an International Law Advisory Division, the mandate of this Division is very wide beginning with questions relating to country’s frontiers, both land and maritime, utilization of its natural resources like the waters of an international river or the sea adjacent to its coast, protection of its citizens abroad, privileges and immunities of diplomats/international organizations, protection and treatment of aliens, granting of asylum, extradition of fugitive offenders, human rights, humanitarian law, disarmament, piracy and terrorism related issues. Legal issues relating to investment protection, international trade, matters relating to area transit agreements, shipping and other means of transportation also engage this Division.

Indian Treaties Database

The Database prepared and managed by the Legal and Treaties Division of the Ministry of External Affairs strives to provide an accessible and searchable link or series of links to the Treaties/Agreements/MoUs etc., which have been entered into by the Government of the Republic of India with Foreign Countries since the year 1950. The database is being updated regularly.

The Database also contains the text of the above mentioned documents which can be searched using the strings given below.


Guidelines/SoP on the conclusion of International Treaties in IndiaPDF file that opens in new window. To know how to open PDF file refer Help section located at bottom of the site. (848 KB)


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