English translation of Prime Minister’s remarks at the BRICS-Africa Outreach and BRICS Plus Dialogue

August 24, 2023


 I am pleased to be here among all my friends in the land of Africa.

 I extend my congratulations to President Ramaphosa for providing an opportunity to share thoughts with the countries of Africa, Asia, and Latin America during the BRICS Outreach Summit.

 Over the past two days, in all the discussions of BRICS, we have focused on the priorities and concerns of the Global South countries.

 We believe that giving special importance to these issues by BRICS is crucial in the present times.

 We have also taken the decision to expand the BRICS forum. We welcome all the partner countries.

 This is an initiative towards our efforts of making the global institutions and forums, representative and inclusive.


 When we use the term "Global South," it's not just a diplomatic term.

 In our shared history, we have unitedly opposed colonialism and apartheid.

 It was on the land of Africa that Mahatma Gandhi developed, tested, the powerful concepts like non-violence and peaceful resistance and used them in India's freedom struggle.

 His thoughts and ideas also inspired great leaders like Nelson Mandela.

 Based on this strong historical foundation, we are giving a new shape to our modern relationships.


 India has accorded high priority to its relations with Africa.

 Alongside high-level meetings, we have also opened 16 new embassies in Africa.

 Presently, India is Africa's fourth-largest trading partner and the fifth-largest investor.

 Whether it's power projects in Sudan, Burundi, and Rwanda, or sugar plants in Ethiopia and Malawi.

 Whether it's technology parks in Mozambique, Ivory Coast, and Eswatini, or campuses established by Indian universities in Tanzania and Uganda.

 India has always given priority to Capacity Building and Infrastructure Development in African countries.

 Under Agenda 2063, India is a reliable and close partner in Africa's journey to become a global powerhouse of the future.

 To bridge the digital divide in Africa, we have provided over fifteen thousand scholarships in tele-education and tele-medicine.

 We have established defence academies and colleges in Nigeria, Ethiopia, and Tanzania.

 We have deployed teams for training in Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Lesotho, Zambia, Mauritius, Seychelles, and Tanzania.

 Approximately 4400 Indian peacekeepers, including women, are contributing to peace and stability in Africa.

 We are also working together with the African countries in the fight against terrorism and piracy.

 During the challenging times of the COVID Pandemic, we supplied food items and vaccines to several countries.

 Now, we are working on joint manufacturing of COVID and other vaccines with African nations.

 Whether it's cyclones in Mozambique and Malawi or floods in Madagascar, India always stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Africa as a first responder.


 From Latin America to Central Asia;

 From Western Asia to South-East Asia;

 From Indo-Pacific to Indo-Atlantic;

 India sees all countries as part of one global family.

 The concept of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" –i.e. the whole world is a family – has been the foundation of our way of life for thousands of years.

 This is also the motto of our G-20 presidency.

 To mainstream the concerns of the Global South, we have invited three African countries and several developing nations as guest countries.

 India has also proposed permanent membership for the African Union in the G-20.


 I believe that BRICS and all the present friendly nations can collaborate to strengthen a multipolar world.

 We can make progress in reforming global institutions to make them representative and relevant.

 Countering terrorism, environmental security, climate action, cyber security, food and health security, energy security, and building resilient supply chains are our common interests. There are immense possibilities for cooperation.

 I invite you all to participate in our international initiatives such as the International Solar Alliance; One Sun, One World, One Grid; Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure; One Earth One Health; Big Cat Alliance; and Global Centre for Traditional Medicine.

 I invite you to connect with India's digital public infrastructure stack and leverage it for your respective development.

 We would be happy to share our experience and capabilities with you all.

 I am confident that our joint efforts will give us a new self-confidence to face all challenges together.

 Once again, I express my gratitude to all of you, especially President Ramaphosa, for this opportunity.

Thank you.

DISCLAIMER - This is the approximate translation of Prime Minister's Press Statement. Original Press Statement were delivered in Hindi.


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