English translation of Prime Minister’s Statement on BRICS Expansion

August 24, 2023


Media Colleagues,

First and foremost, I extend my heartiest congratulations to my friend, President Ramaphosa, for the successful organization of this BRICS summit.

I am delighted that several positive outcomes have emerged from this three-day conference.

On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of BRICS, we have taken a crucial decision of its expansion.

As I mentioned yesterday, India has always fully supported the expansion of BRICS membership.

India's has always believed that the inclusion of new members will strengthen BRICS as an organization and provide new impetus to our collective endeavors.

This step will further strengthen the faith of many countries of the world in the multipolar world order.

I am pleased that our teams have come to an agreement on the guiding principles, standards, criteria, and procedures for expansion.

And based on these, today we have agreed to welcome Argentina, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, and UAE into BRICS.

Firstly, I extend my heartfelt congratulations to the leaders and people of these countries.

I am confident that together with these nations, we will infuse our cooperation with new momentum and energy.

India has deep and historic relationships with all these countries.

With the help of BRICS, we will also add new dimensions to our bilateral cooperation.

For those countries that have expressed a desire to join BRICS, India will contribute in forming a consensus to welcome them as partner countries.


The expansion and modernization of BRICS sends a message that all global institutions should adapt to changing times.

This is an initiative that can set an example for the reform of other global institutions established in the twentieth century.


Just now, my friend President Ramaphosa congratulated India on its Moon Mission, and I am experiencing this since yesterday; everyone is extending their best wishes.

And around the world, this achievement is being recognized not as the success of just one nation, but as a significant success for the human kind.

This is a matter of immense pride for all of us, and it's an occasion to congratulate India's scientists on behalf of the entire world.


Yesterday evening, India achieved a soft landing on the southern pole of the Moon with its Chandrayaan mission.

This achievement is a significant milestone, not only for India but also for the entire global scientific community.

In the area where India had set its target, no previous attempt had ever been made, and this endeavor has been successful. So, science has been able to take us to a very difficult terrain.

This, in itself, is a great accomplishment for science and for the scientists.

On this historic occasion, all the congratulatory messages for me, for India, for Indian scientists and for the global scientific community, that have been pouring in; I publicly thank all of you, on my behalf, on behalf of my countrymen, and on behalf of my scientists.

Thank You.

DISCLAIMER - This is the approximate translation of Prime Minister's Press Statement. Original Press Statement were delivered in Hindi.


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