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Transcript of Weekly Media Briefing by the Official Spokesperson (February 08, 2024)

February 08, 2024

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: Good afternoon friends, a warm welcome to all of you. Today we issued two Press Releases. One was in regard to the visit of External Affairs Minister to Perth for Indian Ocean Conference, that is on 9th and 10th. Also, we gave you a read-out of Foreign Secretary's visit to Japan. I hope you have seen both the Press Releases. With that I would like to open the floor for questions. So, we can start here.

Manish: Main Manish Jha hoon TV9 Bharatvarsh se. Mera sawal hai ki aaj Pakistan mai chunav ho rahe hain aur nischit taur par Bharat sarakar uspar najar rakh rahi hai. Toh kis tarah ka andesha aapko lag raha hai ki is chunav ke baad Bharat aur Pakistan ke rishte mai koi parivartan hone ki koi gunjaesh hai?

[Question in Hindi: Approximate translation] I am Manish Jha from TV9 Bharatvarsh. My question is that elections are being held in Pakistan today and the Indian government is definitely keeping an eye on it. What apprehensions do you have, that is there a possibility of change in India-Pakistan relations after these elections?

Umashankar: Umashankar Singh NDTV se. Manish se juda mera sawal hai ki ye bataya ja raha hai ki Nawaj Sharif Pradhan Mantri banenge. Aur unhone apne manifesto mai likha hai ki 370 wapis bahaal ho tabhi Bharat ke sath rishte behtar honge. Toh is tarah ki sharton ko lekar kya aapko unki sarkar aane ke baad, hypothetical question hain thoda, lekin jo wahan se jankari aa rahi hai ki Nawaj Sharif hi PM banenge; toh kya in sharton ke sath Bharat batchit aage badhana chahega?

[Question in Hindi: Approximate translation] Umashankar Singh from NDTV. My question is related to Manish's…it's being said that Nawaz Sharif will become the Prime Minister. And he has mentioned in his manifesto that relations with India will improve, only if Article 370 is reinstated. So with such conditions…after he forms the government, though the question is a little hypothetical, but considering the information coming from there that Nawaz Sharif is going to be the PM; will India be willing to move the talks forward with such conditions?

Madhurendra: Sir mera sawaal Myanmar ko lekar hai. Jaisa ki advisory India ka hai ki Rakhine State ki taraf na jaye. Iske alawa Home Ministry ne jo free movement tha, usko bhi ban kar diya, fencing ki bhi baat ho rahi hai. Toh kis tarah se Bharat aur Myanmar ke sambandh aage badh rahe hain? Aur jo is waqt hum steps le rahe hain uska kya asar Bharat aur Myanmar ke sambandho par padega?

[Question in Hindi: Approximate translation] Sir, my question is regarding Myanmar. India has issued an advisory for not travelling to Rakhine State. Also, the Home Ministry has suspended the previously allowed free movement, there's also talk of fencing. So, how are the relations between India and Myanmar progressing? And what impact will the steps we are taking at the moment, have on relations between India and Myanmar?

Rishabh: Sir, Rishabh from Times Now. Sir, I just wanted to have a follow up on Manish Sir's question, that in the morning, just minutes before the polling began in Pakistan, the internet and mobile services were snapped. So, how does India see that, A. And B, when it comes to the FMR, the Free Movement Regime with Myanmar, the Home Minister has announced that India is immediately suspending the FMR. Is it unilateral or has it been discussed with Myanmar and it’s bilateral?

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: Any more questions related to Myanmar and Pakistan, if we can club them.

Nayanima: Nayanima from ABP Live. The Home Minister has said that MEA has already started the process of scrapping the FMR. What is the process? How long will it take, if you can give certain timelines? Thank you.

Sudhi: Sir, Sudhi Ranjan from Bloomberg. On the FMR, has Government of India informed Myanmar also? Were there any talks and at what level, if at all, this was informed, Sir?

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: Manish ji aapka sawal aur kahi ek aur sathiyon ka sawal Pakistan ko lekar, toh Pakistan mai jaise ki aap jaante hain ki aaj wahan chunav ho rahe hain. Pakistan ke chunav par hum log kuch tippani karna nahi chaahte, na hi hum log tippani karna chahte hain wahan par aur jo vyavyastha, sthiti jo bani hui hai.

[Answer in Hindi: Approximate translation] Manish ji, your question and other companions’ questions regarding Pakistan, as you are aware, elections are being held in Pakistan today. We do not want to comment on Pakistan's elections, nor do we want to comment on the situation that exists there.

Dusra sawal raha Myanmar ko lekar. Myanmar mai aapne dekha hoga ki wahan par border par ek gambhir sthiti si bani hui hai. Myanmar ke mudde pe, fencing ke mudde pe, FMR, Free Movement Regime ke mudde pe, humare mananiya Home Minister, Grih Mantri ne apni tippani di hai, apne statements rakhe hain, usko aap log dekhain, usse jyada main kuch nahi kehna chahta hoon.

[Answer in Hindi: Approximate translation] The second question is regarding Myanmar. In Mynamar, you may have seen that a critical situation has arisen along the border there. Regarding the issues in Myanmar, on the issue of fencing, and on the issue of the FMR, Free Movement Regime; our honorable Home Minister has made his comments, he has made his statements, you can see them, I don't want to say anything more than that.

Madhurendra aapne sawal Rakhine pe bhi kiya tha. Rakhine state Myanmar mai, wahan par sthiti thodi chintajanak hai, jahan tak suraksha ka baat hai. Aur hum logon ne kal ek advisory nikala tha, jo wahan par hamare nagrik hain unko hum keh rahe hain ki aap wahan se nikal jaye, aur jo hamare nagrik jo wahan jana chahte hain unse hamari ye gujarish hain ki aap log wahan pe na jaye, kyuki wahan ki sthiti najuk hai. Toh ye raha Rakhine ke mudde pe aur Myanmar ke mudde par.

[Answer in Hindi: Approximate translation] Madhurendra, you had asked about Rakhine. The situation in Rakhine State of Myanmar, is deeply concerning, in terms of security. And we had issued an advisory yesterday, urging our citizens there to leave; and for those who want to go there, we request them not to go, because the situation there is critical. So, this is our position on the topic concerning Rakhine and Myanmar.

Speaker: Sir, how many Indians are there?

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: I don't have exact number, but we do have a Consulate in Sittwe, as you know. The security situation will have an impact on our Consulate as well. We are looking at the situation and we will see how best to deal with it.

Abhishek: Hi Sir, Abhishek this side from CNN News18. My question is regarding Canadian government's latest stance on inquiry to foreign intelligence interference, that is going to scrutinize India's role in that. Public inquiry into Foreign Interference by the Federal Electoral Processes and Democratic institutions has announced that it has requested the Canadian government to provide information related to the Indian government's role in the elections in Canada. Even some of the Canadian lawmakers have also raised the issue. So, do you have any comment on that?

Rishikesh: Sir, Rishikesh this side from PTI. Despite border tension, bilateral trade between India and China reached over $120 billion which is much higher than 2022. Can we still argue that ties between the two countries is normalized?

Dhairya Maheshwari: Sir, Dhairya Maheshwari from Sputnik India. My question is regarding the BRICS, Sherpa and Sous-Sherpa meeting that took place in Moscow last week. The Russian Foreign Minister said that the Western countries are trying to impose the Ukrainian peace formula on other nations. Now, India has also attended several meetings, including one on Copenhagen format in Davos last week. So what's India's stance on the Ukrainian peace formula, Sir? Thank you.

Kadambini: Kadambini Sharma from NDTV. Sir US mai January se lekar ab tak, ek Indian-American sahit, saat chhatron ki maut hui hai, alag alag wahaj rahi hain. Isko lekar halaki Consulate ne aur dutawas ne issue kiye hain statements, lekin kya isko lekar koi aur bhi baat hui hai, ya universities se kuch kaha gaya hai?

[Question in Hindi: Approximate translation] Kadambini Sharma from NDTV. Sir, since January, seven students, including an Indian-American, have died in the US due to different reasons. Though the Consulates and the Embassy have issued statements regarding this, but have there been any other discussions or has anything been conveyed to the universities on this matter?

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: Let me answer these questions and then we will come back.

Regarding your question, Abhishek, we have seen media reports about Canadian Commission enquiring into foreign interference and there have been some related developments as well. We strongly reject all such baseless allegations of Indian interference in Canadian elections. It is not Government of India's policy to interfere in democratic processes of other countries. In fact, quite on the reverse, it is Canada which has been interfering in our internal affairs. We have been raising this issue regularly with them. We continue to call on Canada to take effective measures to address our core concerns.

Rishikesh, your question was regarding trade with China. On India-China relations, we have said this several times in our press engagement. Our External Affairs Minister has also conveyed our views. We continue to engage with China on our core issues, that is, peace and tranquility on the border. That is also how we take forward the resolution of problems that we have in the Western sector on the Line of Actual Control. We do have engagements at the Military to Military level and at the diplomatic level and that is where things stand.

Kadambini aapka sawal chhatron ke bare mai tha. Mei aapko pahle ye bata doon ki jo wahan par durghatna hue hain, very unfortunate, usmai se is saal jo paanch durghatna hue hain, usmai se do bacche jo hai, do student hai, woh hamare bhartiya nagrik hain. Ye do bhartiya nagrik, ek jo Vivek Saini jinki maut Georgia mai hui, wahan par jinhone unpe attack kiya tha unko giraftar kar liya gaya hai. Dusre jo Indian student hain unki maut, Cincinnati ke student the, wahan par hui hai. Wahan par jo unke local authorities ne bataya hai ki ismai koi foul play nahi hai. Toh ye do jo nagrik jo hamare chhatr hai, jinki dukhad maut hui hai. Uske alawa jo teen aur log hain woh America ke nagrik hain, toh ye baat aap log samjhe, ki woh American nagrik hain, aur in teeno ghatnaon mai bhi medical reports jo abhi tak aaye nahi hain. Wahan par aapko pata hoga ki is tarah ki jab durghatna hoti hain, toh medical reports aane mai time lagta hai aur medical reports bhi wahan par kyuki privacy ke is prakar ke laws hain, woh sabko nahi batate hain. Aur main aapko keh sakta hoon ki in teeno mamlon mai bhi koi foul play nahi hain. Abhi preliminary unka report aaya hai, pura report nahi aaya hai. Ek baar aa jaane ke baad aapko pata chal jayega. Lekin meri aapse gujarish ye hai ki aap ye jarur dekhain ki ismai koi interconnectedness nahi hain, they are not related. Do hamare chhatr hain jinka dehant hua hain.

[Answer in Hindi: Approximate translation] Kadambini, your question was about the students. First, let me tell you that the incidents that have occurred there are very unfortunate. Out of the five incidents that have occurred this year, two students are Indian citizens. One is Vivek Saini, who died in Georgia, and the person who had attacked him has been arrested. The other Indian was a student in Cincinnati, where his death occurred. The local authorities there have informed us that there is no foul play involved. So, these are the two citizens, our students, who have had a tragic death. The other three individuals are American citizens. So you understand here, that they are American citizens, and in these three incidents as well, medical reports have not been received yet. As you may know, when such incidents occur there, medical reports take time; and because of the privacy laws there, medical reports are not disclosed to everyone. And I can tell you that there is no foul play in these three cases as well. The preliminary report has come, but the full report has not arrived yet. Once the report is received, you will get to know it. But I request you to see, that there is no interconnectedness here, they are not related. Our two students have passed away.

Speaker 2: Could you please repeat it in English.

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: So, you know, there are five Indian students who have died, that also includes students from the diaspora. Of these five deaths, two people are Indian nationals and the rest three are of Indian origin. They are US nationals. So that, you must take into account. The two Indian nationals who have died, one was the case of Vivek Saini who passed away in a very unfortunate manner. He was trying to give food to this person who attacked him. The culprit has been arrested and the local authorities are investigating the matter and taking it forward. The second case of an Indian student in the University of Cincinnati, he passed away also. There is no foul play. This is what the preliminary report says. No foul play in that particular case as well. But we await the medical report. The other three deaths that have happened are those of people of Indian origin who are US nationals. So, this is what I want to convey to you.

Speaker 3: (inaudible).

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: We are in touch with local authorities there, in the cases of Indian nationals. As also our Consulate and our Mission, they are in touch with family members. They are also in touch with the students. For example, the student who was robbed in Chicago, we are in touch with him, his family members here. And we are trying to support in the best possible manner.

Rishabh: Sir, Rishabh again from Times Now. Sir, Hyderabad resident Mazhar Ali was attacked by four robbed men. His wife, Rubika has also written to the External Affairs Ministry for expediting her emergency Visa. What's the status and what are the requests that MEA has received from the family?

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: As I told you, Rishabh, the Indian Consulate in Chicago is in touch with both, the family as also Mr. Ali. He is a student there. We are trying to see how best to help him with medical aid, also to ensure his well-being. I understand that the local police has registered a case and the Consulate is there to provide all possible support.

Dhairya, your question was regarding Ukraine and Russia. As you know, our position on the war is very clear where we are. We want that there be dialogue and conversation and diplomacy. That is the best route forward. Our leaders have articulated our position very well on several accounts. So that is where it is. We also provided our support to…humanitarian support to Ukraine. And we continue to call on the parties to come forward to dialogue and discussion and take things forward. That is the best route for resolving problems.

Yeshi: This is Yeshi Seli from The New Indian Express. My question is on Maldives. The second core level meeting between Maldives and India happened in Delhi recently. MEA issued a statement saying it is work under process, while the Maldivian side told that there is going to be replacement. Can you please clarify what that means, what does replacement of troops mean? And also, President Muizzu said that Indian troops are going to be withdrawn, he said in his Presidential address two days back. So can you let us know what exactly is happening?

Pia: Pia with the Print. Sir, the Bangladesh Foreign Minister is in town and this morning he praised India's decision to fence its border with Myanmar. He said this is a good move and especially because major insurgency issues emanate from Myanmar, that is what he said. Was this discussed during his meeting with EAM Jaishankar? I think that took place yesterday. Was this issue raised during that meeting?

Manohar: This is Manohar Manoj from Economy India. My question is also related to Maldives. Since budget has been reduced, is there any explanation on behalf of your Ministry why this budget has been reduced and what is the… any breakup of this aid to Maldives?

Vishal: Sir, main Vishal Pandey hoon Zee News se. Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi ke prastavit UAE daure ke baare mai kya jankari hai, kya karyakram rehne wala hai Abu Dhabi mai?

[Question in Hindi: Approximate translation] Sir, I am Vishal Pandey from Zee News. What information do we have about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's proposed visit to the UAE? What programs are scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi?

Neeraj: Sir main Neeraj Dubey Prabhasakshi se. Sir, America mai Rashtrapati pad ki daud mai shamil Republican, Nikki Haley kaha hai ki Bharat America se acche sambandh chahta hi nahi hai, isliye woh Russia se bahot karibi sambandh banaye hue hai, is par hamari koi pratikriya rahegi Sir?

[Question in Hindi: Approximate translation] Sir, I am Neeraj Dubey from Prabhasakshi. Sir, Republican Nikki Haley, who is in the race for the post of President of the USA, has said that India does not want good relations with America, which is why they have maintained very close relations with Russia. Will there be any reaction from us on this, Sir?

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: Yeshi, coming to your question regarding Maldives. See, what we had to say, we put it forward in our Press Release of 2nd February. You would have seen that. This was done after the second Core Group meeting, high level Core Group meeting and we also said the third Core Group meeting will be subsequently held. I would request you to refer to that. Also, I would like to say the present personnel would be replaced by competent Indian technical personnel. This is what I have to say.

Yeshi: (inaudible).

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: So technical…competent technical personnel, Indian technical personnel that is.

Pia regarding your question on Bangladeshi Foreign Minister, he is here. He had yesterday, a conversation with External Affairs Minister. He also met with the National Security Advisor. We have a read out which we gave to you on what conversation happened between External Affairs Minister and Bangladesh Foreign Minister. We talked about development partnership, we talked about defence and security. We also talked about several other aspects of our engagement; economy, trade, people to people; also, as to how both the countries can synergize their efforts as we move forward, we on Viksit Bharat 2047, and Bangladesh on their route of Smart Bangladesh 2041.

On the question of Myanmar, our Home Minister has spoken. I would not like to comment anything further on that. I would refer you to all that he's spoken on both the issues, on FMR and also on fencing. We have given you a read-out of what transpired in the meeting. So I would request you that if you could refer to that, that is where we are.

Manohar, you asked a question about Maldives and budget. There are a lot of conflicting ways in which people are interpreting this budgetary allocation. I saw some media report which said the budgetary allocation from Maldives has gone up. Others have said the budgetary allocation from Maldives has gone down. See, what happens is that a certain amount of money is allocated. And thereafter, there's a phase for revision. During that phase of revision, the new proposals are considered. So you would actually see that budget for Maldives, this time what has been given, is 779 crores, as against 600 crores which was projected earlier. So it has actually gone up. The new figure that you say, they will also be revised once we have more details, more clarity on what sort of forward movement is happening. So I would say that we remain an important development partner, committed development partner, for Maldives.

Vishal aapka sawal UAE ke sambandh mai hai, UAE ki yatra hone wali hai, jald hi aapko uske baare mai hum log khabar karenge, kya kuch wahan hone wala hai, kya program rahega. Aapko nyauta milega jald hi, isi kamre mai ek press warta hogi. Toh main aapko aamantrit karta hoon, jald hi aapko pata chal jayega uske bare mai.

[Answer in Hindi: Approximate translation] Vishal, your question regarding UAE, there will be a visit to UAE, and soon we will inform you about it…what will happen there, what programs will be there. You will receive an invitation soon, for a press briefing in this very room. So I invite you, you will get the information about it soon.

Neeraj, your question was regarding…what's happening in the United States. These are comments which are made in the course of developments there, etc. We would not like to comment on those issues.

Chandrakala: Chandrakala this side from ETV Bharat. Sir my question is related to the Greek Prime Minister's visit to India. He'll be here for the Raisina dialogue. So just wanted to know how is the schedule like. And also, if we could have MEA's comment as to how significant is the visit in the context of stalled India-Middle East Economic Corridor, post Israel-Palestine war.

Madhurendra: Sir Madhurendra main News Nation se. Mera sawal Foreign Secretary ke Japan visit ko lekar hai. Bharat aur Japan ke bich jo bullet train corridor hai, uski funding ko lekar kafi kuch issue chal rahe the, aur kai jagah project delay bhi hai, kya ispar koi batchit hui hai? Uska koi update hai? Aur Indian Ocean ko lekar jo Conference hai, is waqt jo Indian Ocean ki stithi hai, jis tarah ke attacks ho rahe hain, Houthiyon ke attack aur khaas taur par jo maritime security ko lekar challanges hain, uspar kya batchit is conference mai hone wali hai?

[Question in Hindi: Approximate translation] Sir, Madhurendra from News Nation. My question is regarding the visit of the Foreign Secretary to Japan. There have been significant issues regarding the funding of the bullet train corridor between India and Japan, and the project is delayed at several places. Has there been any discussion on this matter? Do you have any update on it? Also, on the Conference on the Indian Ocean, given the current situation in the Indian Ocean, given the attacks like those by Houthis and especially the challenges regarding maritime security, what discussions are expected to take place at this Conference?

Abhishek: Sir, Abhishek from CNN News18. My question is regarding NSA Doval's recent visit to Bangladesh. This has been reported in media mostly. Can we have some official version as to whom all he met and what all he discussed with his Bangladeshi counterpart or the leaders that he met there? Thank you.

Raghavendra: This is Raghavendra Verma from German television ZDF. Sir my question is regarding the FTA with the European countries and the blocs. In the UK, there has been news that that might happen before the elections. There were news reports in Switzerland quoting local politicians saying, because the elections are going to happen in India soon, so we expect that this would be expedited. And UK also…Sir, can you update us? Is there any connection, and are we expecting that to happen soon?

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: Okay. Chandrakala, regarding your question on the visit of the Greek Prime Minister, you will get to know more details about the Prime Minister's visit at an appropriate time. Also we have engagement with several countries or large number of countries. All our international stakeholders are very important for us. All these bilateral relations are very important for us, including Greece. We have warm and friendly ties with them. We look forward. You will get to know more details of the visit closer to the date, at an appropriate time.

Madhu, aapka sawal videsh sachiv ke sambandh mai hai. Videsh sachiv abhi Japan ke daure pe hain, aaj unhone Foreign Office Consultations kiya hai, aaj unhone waha par bilteral consultations…aur bhi jo wahan par jo humare mantrigan hain, aur defence mai aur trade ministry mai jo log hain, unke sath kiya hain. Iske baare mai aap details agar janna chahe toh hamara jo press vigyapti hai, usmai aap dekhenge ki sabhi muddon pe batchit hui hai, regional situation pe batchit hui hai, global sitatuon pe batchit hui hai, indo-pacific mai kya ho raha hai, uske bare mai batchit hui hain. Toh ye sab chizain aap wahan se le sakte hain, kuch der pahle humne ek press vigyapti jari kiya tha.

Jahan tak Indian Ocean Conference ka sawal hai, 9 aur 10 ko ye conference Australia ke Perth shahar, Australia ke Perth shahar mai hoga. Hum logon ka samjh hai kariban 22 deshon se mantri delegation le ke aa rahe hain. Uske alawa Sri Lanka ke Rashtrapati bhi rahenge wahan par, uske alawa Australia ke Foreign Minister, uske alawa aur bhi log hain jo wahan par rahenge. Jitne mudde hain, jo Indian Ocean ko lekar jo mudde hain, sare muddon par batchit hogi. Bahot sare log, wo bhi log jo strategic community ke hain, think tank ke hain, woh sab log wahan rehenge, toh mere khayal se ek badi acchi charcha wahan par hone wali hai.

[Answer in Hindi: Approximate translation] Madhu, your question pertains to the Foreign Secretary's visit. The Foreign Secretary is currently on a visit to Japan. Today, he has held Foreign Office Consultations there, and also bilateral consultations with Ministers there as well as with dignitaries in Defence and Trade ministries. If you wish to know more details, you can refer to our Press Release, where you'll find that discussions were held on various issues, including regional and global situations, as well as the developments in the Indo-Pacific region. We issued a press release a short while ago, you can refer to it.

Regarding the Indian Ocean Conference, it will take place on the 9th and 10th in the city of Perth, Australia. We understand that delegations from around 22 countries, along with the President of Sri Lanka and Australia's Foreign Minister will be present there and several others will attend. Discussions will cover various issues concerning the Indian Ocean. Many experts and members of the strategic community and think tanks will also be present, so I believe there will be very good discussions there.

Abhishek aapka sawal Rashtriya Suraksha Salahkaar ko leke tha (your question was regarding National Security Advisor). The National Security Advisor visited Bangladesh recently. Bangladesh is a very close neighbor for us. It underwent general elections recently. It is a routine matter for countries to have exchange high level visits, especially with a close neighbor. The visit of National Security Advisor was in that context. He met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and he conveyed the greetings of Prime Minister Modi to her. That is what I have to share with you.

Raghavendra, regarding your question on EFTA as also with UK FTA…my understanding is that both these trade negotiations are ongoing. We should not pre-judge what is there, what is not happening. But I understand that both these negotiations are going on, both these processes are moving forward.

Yeshi: This is Yeshi again from The New Indian Express. What is the update on the filing of appeal in the Cassation Court regarding the eight naval veterans in Qatar?

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: On Qatar situation, the situation as far as the Court of Appeal remains the same as what I had informed you earlier. There is a 60-day window within which this process of appeal has to be filed. So that is where we are. The situation has not changed. We are in touch with the family members. We are also in touch with the legal team.

Urvashi: Sir Urvashi Khona this side from the New Indian. This is regarding the case of Ariha Shah. Where the things have reached, the repatriation policy out there; because mother, I think, is pleading and she is on her way to protest tomorrow at Jantar Mantar for bringing her child back who is stuck since past 2.5 years.

Shri Randhir Jaiswal, Official Spokesperson: This case of baby Ariha Shah, we have said this several times in the past. We attach high importance to this case. On the direction of the court, the parents were given visitation rights. They have met the child. We also, on the part of the Embassy and the Consulate, we have been meeting the child as part of the consular access. We've also ensured that the cultural immersion of the child goes forward, that her cultural rights, her identity, her ethos; she is brought up in that manner that she is acquainted with her cultural background and traits and moorings. I would also like to tell you that we are working together with German authorities on a roadmap to teach the child Indian languages. So we are doing all that we can and we attach very high importance or high importance to this particular case.

If there are no more questions, then thank you very much. And we look forward to our engagement further. Thank you.

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