Prime Minister’s Address to the Joint Sitting of the US Congress

June 23, 2023

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi addressed a Joint Sitting of the US Congress on 22 June 2023 at the invitation of H.E. Mr. Kevin McCarthy, Speaker of the US House of Representatives; H.E. Mr. Charles Schumer, Senate Majority Leader; H.E. Mr. Mitch McConnell, Senate Republican Leader; and H.E. Mr. Hakeem Jeffries, House Democratic Leader.

2. H.E. Ms. Kamala Harris, Vice President of USA was also present on the occasion.

3. On arrival at the Capitol Hill, Prime Minister was accorded a formal welcome by the Congressional Leaders. Thereafter, Prime Minister had separate meetings with the House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and the Congressional Leaders.

4. In his address, Prime Minister conveyed his appreciation for the long-standing and strong bipartisan support in the US Congress for the deepening of India-US relations.

5. Prime Minister spoke about the rapid strides made in India-US bilateral relations and shared his vision for elevating bilateral ties. He also outlined the enormous progress made by India and the opportunities that it presents for the world.

6. Speaker McCarthy hosted a reception in the honour of the Prime Minister.

7. This was Prime Minister’s second address to the Joint Sitting of the US Congress. He previously addressed the US Congress during his official visit to USA in September 2016.

Washington DC
June 22, 2023

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