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Official Spokesperson's response to a query regarding comments on Government’s success in job creation in the context of foreign policy

April 19, 2017

With reference to certain comments on Government’s success in job creation in he context of foreign policy, the Official Spokesperson said that the Government's foreign policy has facilitated expansion of workforce within the country through flagship programmes such as ‘Make in India’, ‘Skill India’, ‘Digital India’, by delivering large technological partnerships and enhanced Foreign Direct Investment.

The Official Spokesperson recalled that Government had agreed with the Government of France last year to allow Indian students at Masters level and above to extend their stay in France for two years.

Insofar as H1-B visas are concerned, the cap has remained at 65,000 since December 2004 when the H1-B Visa Reform Act of 2004 was enacted by the US Congress.

The changes announced by the Government of Australia recently replace one scheme with another. Senior Australian officials have conveyed to us that the impact of the changes will be negligible on Indian workers, most of whom fall in high skill category.

The Government is in touch with the Governments of the United States and Australia on these matters and is also making full assessment of impact of these recent changes, in consultation with all stake holders.


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